What's up, folks? Get ready to check out our epic NFT collection of alive pillows - these babies are straight outta La-La Land and they're hotter than a jalapeno pepper! These ain't your average cushions - they've got more sass than a Beverly Hills housewife. Some are fluffier than a Pomeranian pup, while others are scarier than getting stuck in traffic on the 101. But hey, who needs a basic-ass pillow when you can have one that's got hella personality and keeps you on your toes? So come on in, peep the collection, and see which Living Pillow will be your new ride or die - or your worst nightmare!

The Pillooze Chronicles

Yo, back in the day in La-La Land, there was a pillow factory that was always tryna push the envelope. They wanted to create Living Pillows that were more magical than anything that had come before. So they mixed some fairy dust in with their stuffing, hopin' to create somethin' extraordinary. But they never could have predicted what happened next - that fairy dust opened up a portal to the human world!

As the Pill👀ze (that's what they called the Living Pillows) tumbled through the portal, they found themselves in a strange new place, surrounded by giants and all sorts of weird objects. Some of them were cool as a cucumber, just lookin' for some snuggles and good vibes. But others were straight-up troublemakers, with sharp teeth and a mean streak.

Those wicked Pillooze started hiding under beds, waitin' for their moment to strike! They wanted to drag people down into their world under the bed, where they could cause all sorts of chaos and mayhem. But some of the Pillooze were straight-up sweethearts, just tryna spread love and comfort wherever they went.

And let me tell you, those bad Pill👀ze were not to be trifled with! They were sneakier than a cat burglar, always lurkin' under beds and tryna drag people down into their world. They wanted to cause all sorts of mischief and mayhem, and they didn't care who got hurt in the process.

But the good Pillooze weren't about to let that happen! They banded together to protect humans from those wicked Pill👀ze, usin' their magical abilities to keep 'em at bay. They had a mission to protect humans and spread good vibes wherever they went, and they weren't gonna let those troublemakers mess that up...

Your very own 1/1 Pill👀ze

...Despite the differences between the good and the bad Pill👀ze, they all shared a common goal - to spread their magic and mischief throughout the human world. And whether they were causin' trouble or spreadin' good vibes, they had become a beloved part of the La-La Land world. So next time you're snuggled up in bed, keep an eye out for those sneaky Pill👀ze - you never know where they might be hidin'!

  • Free Mint

    1 free per wallet
    Supply: 3333

  • ERC-721a

    Gas-optimized contract, you won't have to break the bank on gas fees. It's like getting a Lamborghini for the price of a Prius.

  • CC0

    No strings attached, baby! As a holder, you can own and trade unique digital assets with no pesky copyrights to worry about. It's like owning a magical unicorn, but with better ROI.s

  • Free Mint

    Just pay the gas fees - it's like a free ride to the Moon, but you still gotta pack your own snacks.

  • Limited Supply

    We got a limited supply of only 3333 Pillooze - that's rarer than finding a parking spot in DTLA on a Friday night. So you better hurry and grab one while you can, or you'll be sadder than a surfer with no waves.


Get ready for some epic adventures with Pillooze! We got big plans and we're not stopping until we've checked off every box. Buckle up, baby!

  • Stage I Crazy mint stuff going on

    Yo, today's the day - free mintin' day, baby! We been hustlin' hard to get eyes on our collection, so hold on tight 'cause we 'bout to blast off to the Moon!

  • Stage II Sold Out Baby

    Yo, it's a full-on Sold Out, baby! We've been grinding on this collection like hell's demons stoking their fires, and now it's sold out. But don't just sit there like a bump on a log waiting for the team to do everything for you - we're not just gonna sit on our hands. It's up to the community now to keep the fire burning. So get off your butt and share your Pillooze on Twitter, tag a couple of your NFT homies, and maybe hold off on selling for a bit - that'll help launch this collection to the Moon!

  • Stage III Community time

    Yo, we can make all sorts of promises, but it's just gonna be a bunch of blah blah blah. We ain't got no Elon Musk billions, this is just a Free Mint, homie. Let's be real, all our future plans and promises depend on how well our collection does on the secondary market. But what we can guarantee is that we'll be vibin' with the community, gathering all y'all ideas and working together to make dope plans. Maybe it's gonna be another lit collection, or maybe it's gonna be some pillow fight game with ETH bets, cartoon series, or maybe even some merch or La-La Land metaverse moves. We'll see what's up, stay tuned.

No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.

Lin Yutang

Wait, I need to know

  • What are NFTs?

    Ayo, listen up, peeps! NFTs are like virtual gold - they're one-of-a-kind tokens that live on the blockchain and can't be copied, yadadamean? Think of 'em like the digital version of a pink slip - once you got it, nobody else can claim your ride. It's like saying, "this is my crib, and ain't nobody gonna mess with it!" So if you want to own a piece of the future, you better get in on the NFT game, or you'll be more bummed out than a vegan at a BBQ joint.

  • How do I get one?

    Yo, what's good, my crypto cowboys and cowgirls? Here's the deal - you can mint one (on 03.03.2023 at 8am UTC) of our Pillooze NFTs for free, straight from the source (but just one per wallet, so don't be greedy). All you gotta do is bring your crypto wallet and some Ethereum to cover them gas fees, and boom! You got yourself a piece of digital art. But if you wanna ball out and mint more, just donate 0.003 eth per token, and you'll be stackin' Pillooze like a boss. It's like hitting up the taco truck - one's free, but if you wanna pig out, you gotta cough up some cash. So don't be shy, come and get your Pillooze fix today!

  • What can I do with my NFT?

    Yo, what's good, my crypto cowboys and cowgirls? Here's the deal - if you've minted one of our Pillooze NFTs, then the world is your oyster, dig? It's CC0, which means you can do whatever the heck you want with it, just like any other dope stuff you've created with your mad skills. You can use it as a screensaver, a digital pet, or even a virtual pillow fight - the sky's the limit! You can flex on your haters and show 'em who's boss, or gift it to your bae and score some major brownie points. You can even print it out and use it as a coaster, or wallpaper your whole dang house with it - it's all up to you, my friend. So don't be shy, come and join the Pillooze party and let your creativity run wild!

  • Can I resell my NFT?

    Sure thing, my homie! Once you got our dope Pillooze NFT, you're the boss of it, ya feel me? That means you can sell it, trade it, or gift it to your bestie if you want - it's all up to you, no hard feelings. And if you're looking for a cool place to show off your NFT and find some buyers, OpenSea is the way to go - they got your back, and so do we!